Apprenticeships at The JCB Academy

At The JCB Academy we take great pride in providing a high class educational experience, designed to ensure young people meet their potential and develop the key lifeskills essential for success in the world of work. We encourage our learners to develop ‘a can do, will do attitude’ and to attain ‘technical and academic excellence’. Working with industry partners we ensure our learners develop the skills needed within their businesses.

We recognise the importance of ‘apprenticeships’ as an alternative route for new talent to enter the workplace.

Over 130,000 workplaces offer apprentice places because they increase productivity, improve competitiveness and provide a committed and competent workforce. Apprenticeships will ensure that your workforce has the practical skills and qualifications your organisation needs now and in the future.

Through our apprenticeship provision we aim to contribute to developing ‘Changing lives by developing the engineers and business leaders of the future’. We hope that you recognise the opportunities and advantages for your company of using us as your provider and we are delighted to present to you our apprenticeship programmes.