What does an Apprenticeship involve?

While there are many providers and different types of apprenticeships, they contain many of the same components:

  • A competencies qualification (NVQ/Competency Certificate) in performing the particular skill, trade or occupation. This must be achieved to qualify for an apprenticeship certificate.
  • A vocational related qualification (VRQ/Technical Certificate) that demonstrates achievement of the technical skills, understanding of theoretical concepts and knowledge of the industry relevant to the skill, trade or occupation.
  • A module on employee rights and responsibilities.
  • A module on personal learning and thinking skills (PLTS)
  • An apprentice has to attain the required level of Functional Skills in English, Mathematics and ICT or have already attained an equivalent level at GCSE.

As the apprentice’s employer, you will need to provide your apprentice with a contract of employment. We will ensure that there is an apprenticeship agreement in place.