Apprentice Profile

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Apprentice Profile

The Academy Facilities

The JCB Academy is based in a carefully adapted and renovated mill, which (appropriately) was built by the famous industrial entrepreneur and engineer, Richard Arkwright, in the late 18th century.

The refurbishment, along with the addition of a purpose built glass-fronted learning wing, has created a state-of-the-art educational building that is ideal for engineering and business studies in the 21st century. In addition to the learning areas, we have 12 workshops fully equipped for work on real-life engineering projects. Throughout the building, there are break-out areas for relaxation and private study.

We are proud of the state-of-the-art facilities that are available to our learners and we are delighted to offer a demanding, but stimulating learning environment, where students achieve and learn by ‘doing’.

The Working Day

The JCB Academy has a 41-week academic year, with an 8:30 am start and a 5:00 pm finish on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and a 4:00 pm finish on Monday and Friday. We expect all apprentices to stay on campus at all times during this working day. Appropriate welfare facilities are provided so the need to leave the campus is kept to a minimum.

Dress code and behaviour

We expect our apprentices to be positive role models and actively demonstrate the highest standards of behaviour and commitment. Apprentices are expected to wear a collared shirt, trousers/skirt and smart footwear as a minimum. We will work with each employer to define what is realistic and reasonable in terms of this. Positive and negative behaviour will be praised and sanctioned accordingly. Employers will be given termly progress reports.

Taking responsibility and developing leadership

We recognise that young people who take responsibility for their own learning and environment grow into more successful adults. All apprentices are encouraged to take an active part in the Academy community and we stress to all apprentices that they are active and positive role models for all learners within the Academy. We will, from time to time, ask them to take part in presentations, liaise with our partners and also give individual career advice to our student cohort.

Pastoral Support

While the employer has overall responsibility for the apprentice we will where appropriate allow apprentices to have access to our pastoral support services.

We have an obligation to ensure we tailor our educational provision to meet any educational need. Should an apprentice need advice or support that is not covered by this provision we are happy to make available to them a range of well trained and experienced support workers who can give relevant advice and support.


Apprentices will be able to take advantage of The JCB Academy bus service. Ten routes cover the catchment area – click here to download a pdf.  Car parking is available together with a shuttle service from Uttoxeter railway and bus stations.